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2010    Continued collaboration w/San Francisco Public Library Bayview Branch  - historical archive.

2012 Joined with BVOCP in challenge to 
demolition of Berkeley Farms center. Settlement and legislative modifications to San Francisco Planning re: Berkeley Farms distribution center and PDR notification.

 2016   Planning for ‘Bayview History Night’ event tbd in Bayview District.  Outreach to African-American Historical Society and California Historical Society.  Pro-Bono partnership with Bayview Community Planning and EDoT for creation of the T-Line Newsletter. Continued updating of artBAYVIEW- geo-mapping of public art sites in the Bayview District.

2017  in progress:  Proposed support and co-sponsorship  of the Bayview Education Endowment; Support of India Basin Projects and historic survey updates; Redfish Project;
Bayview History Night planning.

 2013  Challenge to SF Planning Department/ Historic Preservation Commission to cite owners of 900 Innes due to violation of ‘Demolition by Neglect’ ordinance.   Assemble archival team to document condition of  900 Innes Avenue.  Correspondence to owners of 900 Innes and SF Planning demanding repairs.

Joined with IBNA to challenge at DBI regarding abatement of repairs. Realized repair of roofing system at 900 Innes.  Continued advocacy for future preservation of this S.F. Landmark #250.

2006  Landmark Support – 900 Innes Support 
of India Basin neighbors for presentations and 
testimony to advocate for landmark status of 
Shipwrights Cabin on Innes Avenue.

2007 Hunters Point Power Plant. Support of 
India Basin neighbors in opposition to improper 
and non-permitted demolition of PGE plant.  
Leads to Boss/Lantsberg effort to create India 
Basin Survey.

2009  Drafted Peskin amendment to Bayview            Redevelopment Plan adoption; adopted by             SFBOS and incorporated into BVHP                 Redevelopment Plan.

Proposal to SFRA for historic survey of all                 Bayview neighborhoods - awarded to AAHS.

 Representative Projects:    

2005  House histories in Bayview. Conducted photographic and preliminary survey of historic structures in area.  Coordinated work w/SF Public Library.
Sylvester House, ca. 1865 receives Robert Friese Award for Historic Preservation from San Francisco Beautiful.

2014    Chinese Whispers:BC  Shrimp Junk Sail to Bayview - Lead Community  Sponsor.     
Co-sponsor of BRITElights on 3rd installation.   Proposed Sculpture relocation to Bayview Town Center -The REDFISH project.    House and Site Histories -Bayview outreach to property owners.    Membership Drive 2014.

2015  The REDFISH project: relocation and securing of original sculpture by William Wareham- HPS artist to SF Port location;House and Site Histories -Bayview outreach to property owners;  Pro-Bono partnership with Bayview Community Planning and sponsorship of artBAYVIEW- a GPS and geo-mapping of public art sites in the Bayview District.  Coordination and planning efforts with STAR (Shipyard Trust for the Arts) for support of historic survey and historic district designation for Hunters Point Shipyard - pending; Correspondence and support of Midway Project, Mendell Plaza historic resources, etc.

2008   India Basin Historic Survey Authored by:  Chris Ver Planck - historian. Published     documentation by BHS.  Public Presentation     of Survey to BVHP-PAC;  Public Presentation of Survey to SFBOS.